Which of the following new or renovated facilities are you most excited to see in person?


Which of the following most closely resembles your take on esports?


If you have a child who plays youth sports, how many sports does he/she play each year?


Would you be/are you comfortable with your child playing tackle football?


Who is the strongest union leader in the four major sports?


What’s the hottest game in esports?


What should college athletes be able to do? (Select all)


Declines in college football attendance are?


What best describes Condoleezza Rice’s commission on college basketball?


What AD would you most want leading your department?


Will LeBron James lead the Lakers to a championship during his four-year contract?


Will the spread of regulated sports betting have an overall positive or negative impact on sports if allowed in your state?


Should college programs accept advertising from sports betting, if it is legal in their state?


Should employees of sports teams be allowed to bet on sports, if it is legal in their states?


Which of these networks will have the most success airing combat sports in 2019?


What will happen to the trend of fan-friendly concession-pricing started at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta?


How long will Sarah Hirshland be the CEO of the USOC?


Which entity is best at producing live-event spectacles?


Which country will get an expansion team in one of the four biggest North American sports leagues over the next 10 years?


Which sports event is on your ultimate bucket list?